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Ready Private Offices

Save your time and money with a ready and furnished office in White Space that is suitable for all members of work teams, whether small or large.

Serviced office for rent

White space offers ready serviced offices that fit perfectly into your needs and budget with flexible monthly or annual contracts, so they are professionally designed to support privacy and encourage creativity and productivity.

With comfortable chairs, indoor lighting, and storage units, our ready offices are ideal for individual work and coworking. We also offer a flat-screen TV and a secure charging base, along with glass dividers that allow natural light to enter, and a variety of office spaces, ranging from 7 to 40 square meters to suit everyone.

Why choose ready offices in White Space?

Harvard Business Review published the results of the experience of several companies that tended to use coworking spaces, it found that employee satisfaction with this experience is on the rise.

White space is keen to provide an ideal user experience, by providing furnished offices for rent at competitive prices with basic services such as 24-hour access, professional printing, cleaning, unlimited internet, free hours in meeting rooms, and rest spaces to ensure enhanced creativity in your business.

Ready offices in Jeddah, Khobar, and soon in Riyadh

Book a visit or call us directly on the number or WhatsApp: +966550700117


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