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Welcome to White Space

Whitespace is a Saudi company established in 2014 in Jeddah as a hospitality company specializing in the services of office solutions and coworking spaces.

Packages that fits you needs

Ready Private Offices

Starting at 2500 SAR

Private offices come fully furnished with desks, chairs, and flexible to suit your unique needs.

Meeting Rooms

Starting at 100 SAR

A flexible meeting rooms environment, you can meet clients, hold presentations, brainstorm ideas, share visions and develop projects.

Services & Amenities


Valet Service*

WS App Mobile

Hospitality Service

Refreshment Water

Great Location

Our Locations

The Head Quarter Business Park

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Why White Space?

You and your team get a worry-free hospitality experience and focus on the work. White Space handles all operations and set up details.

Worry-Free Workspace

You get a private workspace dedicated to your team only. Your team’s identity and branding can be added. Layout and configuration can be adjusted.

Privacy & Customization

You don’t have to enter a 5+ year lease commitment and avoid spending hundreds of thousands on setting up the office space. You get a ready space!

Risk-free Agreements

You can expand, reduce or move the office space as needed.
You have full flexibility.


You will save money with White Space, when compared to the same quality of workspaces.

Cost Effectiveness

What they're saying

“You're taken care of here. Everyone's very approachable and there are networking events. That's everything you really need from a serviced office.”

Khayra Bundakji

“I had been here for the Meeting it's really good place for the offices with a Nice Infrastructure. Hopefully to own a Office Soon Here. Insha-Allah.”

Mateen Shams

“The offices a very nicely done; good ergonomics. Professional services.
Overall, a very good work environment. Flexibility in timing and access.”

Abdulmoizz Shakeel

Super cool co-working space in Medina, Loved it! The White Space is definitely one of the best offices I have seen in Medina, The kitchen was stocked with coffee, tea, cups etc, Highly recommended!!

Muhammad Hassan Samee

WS is one of the best co-working spaces not only in Jeddah, but Saudi Arabia. The team is so professional, helpful and they work with passion.

Faris Alhazmi

Our Clients

Coworking space with an inspiring design

The Whitespace team makes sure that the workspace is comfortable for your needs. In planning coworking offices, we rely on flexible, comfortable, and multi-functional furniture, use technology, allow natural light to enter, and control office lighting. Also, we pay attention to air quality and ideal temperature, and reduce noise levels and distance from traditional workspaces, while providing services such as coffee and office supplies.


Our coworking spaces are in the capital Riyadh, Jeddah, Madinah, and Al-Khobar.

Choosing the right office for your business

Coworking spaces help employees be more productive because they are the primary resource for your project. In addition to connecting employees from different companies and sharing knowledge, they are able to establish more professional relationships with each other, which encourages innovation of new ideas and increases productivity.

Why are so many people moving towards co-working spaces?

By bringing together small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, co-working spaces increase learning skills, gain knowledge from outside the company, and feel inspired.

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