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Hot Desk - Shared Office Space

In White Space, what makes the shared offices unique?

Whether you are on a business trip or a student, the hot desk space is your perfect choice! Shared offices at nominal prices and integrated services.

Whatever the nature of your work is, shared offices are a great choice. At White Space, we provide hot disk offices at affordable prices along with integrated services like comfortable tables and chairs, hospitality for you and your team, and basic office services that will help you become more productive and creative at work.

What are the shared offices?

Whitespace offers a package of shared office space for rent in a spacious work area designed in a modern cafe style, where there is no dedicated office, you can choose your available office directly, which is a great flexible option for freelancers or small teams looking for a work-focused environment. 

The co-working environment also provides a network of relationships and communication with entrepreneurs and other companies, thus creating new job opportunities.

Also, Our hot desk area provides flexible packages without conditions, whether daily, monthly or half a month, with all the services including 24-hour access, high-speed Internet services, professional printing services, cleaning and reception services for you and your guests, free hours in meeting rooms, relaxation space for your team members to help you relax from the pressure of work and with stunning views.

Shared offices in a hot desk coworking area at affordable prices!

For a unique experience in teamwork and the creation of new working relationships, we offer you the best hot desk office ever.

You can reach us via phone or WhatsApp: +966550700117


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