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How Does A Career Test Determine Your Path?

All students at the secondary or university level face the dilemma of choosing the career path on which their entire life is built, a fateful decision whose consequences are reflected in their future and distinguishes people from each other, starting from choosing an academic specialization until choosing a professional job, in this article we will learn how to determine professional inclinations, How does the Occupational Orientation Test and the Birkman Scale help in this?

How Do You Know Your Career Test?

Your professional inclinations are the feelings that you have towards a specific professional field, which motivate you to continue the path in order to prove yourself in this profession and achieve the aspirations and goals that you seek by making efforts with love, sincerity and mastery. The career test that helps you choose the field helps you succeed in that. with which you intend to work.

One of the most important ways to determine your professional inclinations

  1. Undergo a career aptitude test in order to identify personal characteristics, self-values, and future goals you dream of.

  2. Experiencing the Professional Orientation Scale Knowing the hobbies and personal skills that you possess and distinguish them from other students.

  3. Determine the majors that suit your professional inclinations and write a list of advantages and skills.

  4. Develop a plan to develop the skills that match your desired career inclinations.

  5. Volunteering and training in places relevant to your career aptitudes to discover the dimensions of the profession.

Challenges that hinder students from determining the correct professional orientation

  1. The influence of the surrounding environment on the choice of study majors, such as parental pressure and friends' interventions.

  2. Keeping pace with fashion trends and professional titles, which results in a poor choice of academic specialization.

  3. The lack of study majors that support professional tendencies in the country in which the student resides.

  4. Focusing on materials and financial wages primarily when choosing a professional job.

What are the characteristics of the Occupational Orientation Test?

  1. A test that can be measured and evaluated either by observing the personal behavior or the verbal response of individuals.

  2. Various mental activities that study the health of an individual's mind and how it is attracted to a particular personal behavior.

  3. The results of the Occupational Orientation Test vary in degree and level based on personal inclinations.

  4. Occupational inclinations are affected by external factors, acquired environment factors, and the age of the advanced person.

What is the Birkman scale?

It is a tool for assessing the personal and professional behavior of individuals, discovered by Dr. Roger Berkman 60 years ago, in order to know the strengths and weaknesses and understand the individual behavior of people towards themselves and society, with the aim of identifying professional and career interests, and allocating effective directions that enable them to find a job that suits their qualifications To achieve job satisfaction.

The Birkman Personality Analysis Scale tests the main personality aspects, which are:

  1. Ordinary patterns and behaviors that affect social relationships.

  2. Inner individual needs and potential expectations when these needs are not met.

  3. Occupational interests and preferences that motivate the performance of work and job tasks.

  4. Individuals' behavior towards work stress and job stress.

What is the Birkman scale test?

A set of electronic questions in Arabic or English, divided into 3 sections and including 298 questions, which take about 40 minutes to answer. These questions have been studied with high professionalism based on carefully studied scientific foundations, representing the roadmap for professional self-realization and future goals.

Whether you want to choose your college major or move to a new job, the Berkman Personality Scale helps you know your professional inclinations by aligning your personality with your passion and ambition.

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What is the methodology of the Birkman scale?

1. Motivation

The Birkman Personality Scale measures your passion and love for getting things done, how much energy an individual expends to reach maximum achievable productivity, and how successfully they integrate into the work environment.

2. Self-awareness

Measuring the individual's success in managing relationships with the surroundings of the work environment, as well as the way you interact with co-workers and your behavior towards daily routine situations.

3. Social awareness

Measuring internal feelings and reactions to people's actions, social and behavioral changes, and anticipating your reaction to avoid wrong behavior as much as possible.

4. The essence of thinking

Measuring the person's positive or negative way of thinking in the unconscious mind and the way of facing professional situations, with the aim of finding a sound way of thinking and positive behavior.

Birkman scale test results include:

  • Types and styles of personality.

  • Discover strengths and weaknesses.

  • Discover appropriate and comfortable work environments.

  • Expected problems and how to deal with them.

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