White Space

Who we are?

We offer serviced and furnished working spaces that enable our community to succeed in an inspiring work environment.

Why White Space?

Worry-Free Work space:

You and your team get a worry-free hospitality experience and focus on the work. White Space handles all operations and set up details.

Privacy & Customization:

You get a private work space dedicated to your team only. Your team’s identity and branding can be added. Layout and configuration can be adjusted.

Risk-free Agreements:

You don’t have to enter a 3-5 year lease commitment and avoid spending hundreds of thousands on setting up the office space. You get a ready space!


You can expand, reduce or move the office space as needed. You have full flexibility.

Cost Effectiveness:

You will save money with White Space, when compared to the same quality of work spaces.

What we offer?

Plans that fit your needs, Check (link) for more info, We offer you flexible contracts and fixed discounts:

  • 5% off for 3 Months agreement.
  • 10% off for 6 Months agreement.
  • 15% off for 12 Months agreement.

WS Membership | Soft benefit:

When we are open?

For members your location is accessible by keycard 24/7. Management team are generally onsite at each location between 09:00 AM – 17:00 PM, Sunday through Thursday at all locations.

What’s the standard service?

  • Furnished Spaces
  • 24/7 Building Access
  • High speed Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary Coffee, Tea and Water
  • Business class printer
  • Cleaning service
  • Business Address

And there more! check (Link).

Can I book meeting rooms or event space more than a month in advance?

Yes, Guest can booking packages , feel free to contact with Sales Team at +966 55 070 0117

To downlead the brochure please click link below and visit event profile.

(Event Profile)

For our members depend your packages, check below:

Is there’s cancellation fee for meeting rooms/ event space booking?

No, There’s No fee for any cancellation.

Did White Space support mobile App?

Yes, for IOS and Google Play.

Is there business address?

Sure, We have business address for each locations and it’s including your membership. Feel free to contact with our community managers.

What’s the different between White Space locations?

Discover our diversified locations from luxury to economy, check below:

Luxury: The Head Quartier Business Park | Jeddah

Premium: Randa Tower| Jeddah.

Midscale: Nama’a Complex | Madinah.

Economy: Al-Murjanah Tower | Jeddah.

WS Members

How can I view my company and credit of meeting rooms?

After you become a member, You will receive welcoming email to sign in and set password, Then you can:

  • Update your profile
  • Edit your company and personal details
  • Add your picture
  • Invite your team to the members portal
  • View credit of meeting rooms

Can I book meeting room by myself?

Sure, After you become a member you will receive welcoming email to sign in and set password. You can booking directly from Portal OR White Space app, and you will receive as email with booking details. You can view your usage meeting room credit under the “Billing” section than “Credit” tab on the Member's portal, Credits are reset on the first of every month and do not rollover for next month.

*This service approved only for members.

How can I view my invoice?

Invoices can be viewed by Portal page or WS App, under the “Billing” tab on the Member's portal & App.

What’s Member benefits and where can I find a list of included benefits?

Simply navigate to the Benefits section in the Members portal or App.

You can simply click on the benefit that you would like to receive more information about and see if there is a URL attached, as well as additional information in the Description.

You can also filter out by categories. If you Reset Filter, you will have all the benefits for the specific location chosen displayed.

*For members you can add your discount or offer (here), 24hr and your offer will be show up on benefit section.

What’s size of offices?

  • Suite office starting from 19 Sqm
  • Private office starting from 7 Sqm

How do I freeze my membership?

If you wish to freeze your membership and would like to remain a member with us, Members may freeze their memberships for a period of (14) consecutive days.

*For members who are billed 3 months and more!

Can I terminate my contract?

If the tenant desired to terminate the contract before its end, a fee is applied on the tenant with an amount of a month’s rent and the remaining balance is returned to the tenant in a duration of 30 days from the day of leaving the office.

What’s Booking Policy?

Meeting Room Policy :

  • Book Early.
  • Schedule Appropriately.
  • Cooperate With Others.
  • Close the Door & Shut Your Phone Off.
  • Keep it Clean.
  • 2 hours is the maximum duration of a booking in the meeting rooms as the booking policy will be applied.

Event Space Policy :

  • Taking care of the equipment is the tenant responsibility, any damage to the equipment due to misuse, the tenant will be charged for it.
  • We are not responsible for any loss of personal items during the workshop, as it is the responsibility of the individual.
  • Most of the workshops are for both gender, unless otherwise stated.
  • Commitment to the ethical principles and values of our society and culture
  • Event Space bookings and reservations must be done before 24 hr at least from the event day.
  • While adhering to social distancing as per the protocols approved by the Ministry of Health.

Security Deposit, Why?

White Space is required to pay back the deposit after evacuation provided that there are not any damages or failures, and there are not any remaining unpaid bills or needed payments for public service or repairing fees that can be deducted from the deposit.

What are the additional fees for offices, etc.?

Upon request and subject to availability.

Check below:

*All price above not including VAT.